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Road Asphalt Sdn Bhd is an approved Manufacturer & Exporter of Bitumen Emulsion and Cutback Asphalt for all road construction in Peninsular & East Malaysia. We believe with more than fifteen years of experience in road work will ensure customers satisfaction in safety, quality and on time delivery as well, apart from good support on technical and sales. Drop us a line or email for more information and we will get back to you.

A good network of trunk roads is an essential need of a country that will link villages, towns and cities. Road Asphalt Sdn. Bhd. (Road Asphalt) is one of the main players that is responsible in building those roads. Road Asphalt is an approved manufacturer of bitumen products for all road construction in Peninsular and East Malaysia by Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia (JKR).

Product and Services

Prime Coating

An application of binder on a granular base to prepare for an asphalt surfacing. Normally a slow setting emulsion or cutback is used for penetration purpose to seal off the road base. The rate of applicationcan vary from 0.4 – 1.4 litre / m2.

Recommended product
Emulsion : SS-1K
Cutback : MC-250 and MC-70

Surface Dressing

An application of binder on the road surface by bitumen distributor followed by a hopper gritter. Can be a single or double layer surface dressing.

Recommended product
Emulsion : RS-3K
Cutback : MC-3000

Slurring Sealing

A technique where specially tailored emulsion, aggregates or water and spread on the existing road surface at a thickness of 3 – 5.5mm. It is a corrective maintainance method for sealing of surface cracks, water proffing asphalt surfaces.

Recommended product
Emulsion : RS-3K

Tack Coating

A very light binder – to ensure bonding between the existing layer and the new overlay. The rate of application between 0.25 – 0.7 litre / m2.

Recommended product
Emulsion : K1-40, RS-1K AND RS-2K

Mist Spraying

It is similar to tack coating and it is very light application of diluted emulsion for upgrading of old asphalt surfaces. The emulsion is usually diluted to a concerntation of about 25% – 35% binder and apply at a rate of 0.3 – 0.8 litre / m2.

Recommended product
Emulsion : KS1-40 and SS-1K

Penetration MACADAM

An application of hot binder on a compacted layer of course aggregate. The rate application can very from 0.6 – 1.8 litre / m2.

Recommended product
Emulsion : RS-3K
Cutback : MC-3000 or Bitumen 80/100

Dust Binding

A light application of 0.5 – 1.8 litre / m2 using diluted bitumen emulsion for dust control on unpaved roads.

Bitumen, Cutback Asphalt & Bitumen Emulsion

Bitumen, any of various naturally occuring mixtures of hydrocarbons with their non-metallic derivatives. Crude petroleum, asphalt and tar are bitumens, which are characteristically dark brown or black and which contain little nitrogen, oxygen or sulphur. Commercially the term bitumen refers chiefly to hydrocarbons in a solid or semi-solid state, but in a wider sense it refers to all natural hydrocarbons, which may also occur in a liquid or gasses state. Bitumen distributed in various location throughout the world, is found in all geological bitumen was the Roman name for an asphlat which is used in binder road construction. It is an extremely viscous liquid at a ambient temperature and hard to use. Bitumen can be converted into a workable state :

(1) Heating

Suitable for expensive and larger project or jobs and need equipment for heating, storing and applying. Normally for semi-grounting work using a hot bitumen distributor.

(2) Cutback Asphalt

The petroleum solvents used in liquefying the bitumen Cutback must be added with adhesion agents, that is why it is more costly or expensive.

(3) Bitumen Emulsion

Two general areas of bitumen emulsion applications are tack coating and prime coating.

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