Road Asphalt Sdn Bhd

Road Asphalt Sdn.Bhd is an approved Manufacturer & Exporter of Bitumen Emulsion and Cutback Asphalt for all road construction in Peninsular & East Malaysia. We believe with more than fifteen years of experience in road work will ensure customers satisfaction in safety, quality and on time delivery as well, apart from good support on technical and sales. Drop us a line or email for more information and we will get back to you.

Product and Services

Wide product range and services will suit customer requirement in various type of road works.
* Prime Coating
* Surface Dressing
* Slurring Sealing
* Tack Coating
* Mist Spraying
* Penetration MACADAM
* Dust Binding


"Bitumen Emulsion parameters is according to Malaysian Standard MS 1.61"
"RASB will advise emulsion and cutback required"
"Cutback Asphalt parameters is according to Malaysian Standard MS"
"Bitumen can be converted into a workable state"

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